I design user interfaces and engineer software.

Lines of PHP
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$ 1000000
Raised for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations

“I enjoy every chance I get to work with Kelly. He takes great pride in the quality and elegance of the work he produces and never hesitates to take ownership of complicated technical projects. His programming skills are only surpassed by his sense of humor and kindness. I highly recommend Kelly as a dependable and talented software engineer.”

Alex Gorstan, Founder, Dilly

Stand With Standing Rock

I worked directly with tribal leadership to design and develop the official website for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Stop KM Legal Defence Fund

Produced at the request of the Terminal City Legal Collective, this website serves as the central fundraising and outreach component for legal aide in the fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline in British Columbia.


Snarky editorials designed to terrify corporate overlords, expose economic injustices, and decimate establishment candidates that don’t work for the American people. I designed the site, maintain the site, and am sometimes a potty-mouthed contributor.

About Face:

Veterans Against The War

About Face (formerly Iraq Veterans Against the War) is a membership driven organization that relies on a very complex and large body of data. I’m their new technical heavy and together we’re overhauling their website, modernizing the organization of their data, and transitioning their membership platform to a system which uses Artificial Intelligence to streamline the onboarding and verification process for new members.


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