Automating Netlify Builds With a WordPress Plugin

Happy to relay that I have coded a WordPress plugin that automates rebuilding a static frontend on netlify when you modify the post status of your WordPress content. In fact, it’s how this post was deployed. Fancy! I am going to try to do a blog post a day for a while (“hah!” says everyone […]

Developing Gutenberg Blocks with Parcel.js and Astroturf

Astroturf is basically amazing. It lets us style our work directly in JS, and then during our build uses babel to pull all the styles we write in JS out into regular good, old-fashioned and inarguably legitimate .css files. What’s more — these CSS rules are automatically scoped using a random hash, so they are very good at overruling the oft heavy-handed specificity of the editor’s built-in stylesheets. If you don’t understand the benefits you might try to apply some styles without it and see how that suits you. I don’t like it at all, personally.